2208 Zinnia Way: A Done Deal in Applewood Grove

zinnia2208 Zinnia Way, Lakewood, 80401 was just evaluated in the Applewood Grove neighborhood in Lakewood. Was this a good deal? Our 8z Neighborhood Expert, Laura Scholtz, knows and dishes the scoop on this recently sold home.


Listed at: 574,800
Sold for: 530,000


I am honestly quite surprised at the final sales price of this home. This is a beautiful remodel with a great contemporary/cottage style finish.


I didn’t preview this home, but everything looks to be high quality in relationship to finish choices. There also seems to be a private master bath, which sometimes Applewood struggles with, plus there’s a great deal of entertaining and flex space.


Some other very positive features this home had were; high main level square footage and a great bed and bath count.


There may have been something in the floor plan that I can’t tell in the photographs that didn’t allow them to fetch asking price, but I can easily see why they list at the initial price of $575,000.00 based on the crazy positive activity of the fix and flips in Applewood. It’s a bit close to I-70, but as far as other positive location factors, this home had some really great things going for it.


This is a beautiful ranch home with nice curb appeal.


It’s very similar and typical for the area, which is an amazing feature because there’s a ton of demand for the timeless style of Applewood homes, the incredible feel of an established neighborhood with great, close amenities.


Need a market expert’s assistance? To see homes in the area contact 8z Realtor, Laura Scholtz, at 7202311803 or laura.scholtz@8z.com.


Have you viewed the home above? Do you agree with Laura Scholtz? Let us know! Please feel free to submit your comments below.


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