2749 Simms Street: A Done Deal in Lakewood

2749 Simms Street, Lakewood, CO was just evaluated in the Applewood Knolls neighborhood in Lakewood. Was this a good deal? Our 8z Neighborhood Expert, Laura Scholtz, knows and dishes the scoop on this recently sold home.


Listed at: $415,000
Sold for: $415,000


This is an encouraging sale for the neighborhood. Bi-levels are a part of Applewood, and at times the floor plan can be challenging to sell. Plus, this one is right off of Simms St. (I walk past this several times a week!).

The upkeep seems really well done and there’s been some meaningful updates in the kitchen, baths, but nothing over the top. It’s extremely encouraging to see that proper maintenance and even mild updates can fetch a quick sale near asking price (despite listing at $415,000.00 and selling at $415,000.00 there was nearly $3,000.00 in closing costs provided to the Buyer(s) so the net sale was actually $412,127.00)


This is definitely a typical Applewood home that has many bi-level floor plans throughout the neighborhood.

It also has a beautiful, established lot, which again is very typical.

I think it has superb curb appeal, and sometimes that’s not a strong suit for bi-levels.

Chalk up one more extremely positive sell for Applewood!


Need a market expert’s assistance? To see homes in the area contact 8z Realtor, Laura Scholtz, at 7202311803 or laura.scholtz@8z.com.


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